10 Minute Bible Study Pastor Strawcutter

Pastor Strawcutter explains how the famous 10 minute Bible Study came to be. The logic and good sense of the scriptures, synchronized with history, is indisputable. Virtually everyone who goes through this study says the same thing….it just plain makes sense.. 1-888-820-2126

25 thoughts on “10 Minute Bible Study Pastor Strawcutter

  1. pastorstraw

    @smettee38 Thank you for your kind remarks. Actually, Albert volunteered to help re-create the story as an actor. (did a great job didn’t he) Obviously this could not be the actual original event. 10 Minute Bible Studies are doing great. We ship them to people all over the world. Sent 5 the other day to Sweden. God Bless you in your endeavors.

  2. smettee38

    Nice to see you talking about your faith since most of your other videos should be an embarrassment to you. However you have ruined this video too. I believe your unbelieving friend has actually been a member of your church for over 30 yrs. If Albert doesn’t know about God by now he needs to find a new church. no offense.

  3. antinettroll

    @GenghisKrahn @GenghisKrahn LOL Reading your post again, I must admit I don’t know what I was thinking, I must’ve been mixed up with another comment. But refering back again to to your comment “They didn’t have knowledge of good and evil.” is irrelevant since God did warn them what would happen if they ate the fruit. So there’s two factors to consider. 1. The act of disobeying God 2. Eating the fruit. So did they die because they disobeyed God or because they ate the fruit?

  4. antinettroll

    @GenghisKrahn Huh, if they were innocent like child like then of course they wouldn’t know unless they’ve been chastized or punished, and even then they still disobey, especially when they think no one’s looking. And when Adam and Eve ate the fruit, they knew they had done wrong (if they hadn’t already known prior) hence their guilt…Would you expect your child to obey a stranger rather than yourself?

  5. GenghisKrahn

    @antinettroll Didn’t you read my post? They didn’t have knowledge of good and evil before they ate the fruit, so it’s irrelevant what God told them, since the serpent told them that they should eat it, and they were ignorant to the difference.

  6. jameslevite

    @GenghisKrahn There is no better way to seek wisdom and knowledge but by through the Lord with that you’ll learn he loves you.. takes less than an ounce of faith, believe my friend the go into the Bible YOURSELF and ask him to reveal himself to you so that you can know he is real!

  7. jameslevite

    @GenghisKrahn But really i believe there is an element of GOD wanting to let us know he has laws, abiding by them is linked to his love for us and our love for him (being we or shall i say Adam or man knew he was created by him). Stepping over the line he drew would in a sense be us trying to be our own gods and he’s having none of that. I know you don’t take the bible as truth but just think about that story and how ‘if’ if were true what you’d be missing out on. (contd)

  8. jameslevite

    @GenghisKrahn I don’t believe this to be a flaw. he tells them that eating it will bring ‘death’ but the real question is *why did he even mention it to begin with? You were right about GOD ‘allowed’ but the true question i believe is *why? In my take Adam and Eve did have knowledge, enough to know that GOD had love for them and wanted them to be perfect just like all of the creation before them.

  9. antinettroll

    @GenghisKrahn Actually God told Adam and Eve that they could eat from any fruit of the trees except one, so essentially they become disobedient and broke His command right? And like the laws of the lands there are consequences to breaking them otherwise we have chaos, anarchy, carnage etc etc

  10. GenghisKrahn

    @pastorstraw Rather than simply stating your objection, try explaining how you feel doing right is seperate from good, and how doing wrong is different than evil.

    This is not justification, but an attempt to shed a little light on the subject. The reason that it concerns me, is because people are constantly attempting to force their personal beliefs into things such as laws, that effect my life. Religion in general has been the cause of much death and destruction, so I can justly object.

  11. pastorstraw

    @GenghisKrahn Some of you self appointed wise ones really amaze me. Where does the bible say that “Good and evil is the same as right and wrong?” Who told you “at that point” they had no knowlege of right and wrong?”

    If you don’t mind my saying this, some of you people are obsessed with needing to justify your unbelief and rebellion. If there’s nothing to it, (the Bible, existance of God etc.) why does it bug you so much that some of us do believe it? Is it God dealing with you?

  12. GenghisKrahn

    One of the biggest logical flaws displayed by Yahweh is right in Genesis. He tells Adam and Eve that eating the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil is wrong. Obviously, at this point they have no knowledge of right and wrong (good and evil). Somehow Satan is allowed to be present in this perfect paradise, and he tells them it’s alright to eat the fruit. Having no knowledge of right from wrong, or good and evil, they eat it. How can they possibly be held accountable for this?

  13. bigtimeu2

    @99minerkc ”WOW” like I said,your on crack…..you hide being the mask afraid to show yor face when I really don’t give a rats ass and I say it the way it is so you tell me,who’s the little fag ass thats afraid…`”REMEMBER”!! my title ”BIGTIME” because ”BIGTIME” don’t hide like a little geek….99 miner kentucky chicken..lol hahahahahahahaha

  14. bigtimeu2

    @99minerkc If you still can ponder the thought of god being a alien,whats a smart man suppose to think,,,,,ohhhhhh thats right,you must be smoking or drinking something heavy……..And futher more, do you think when chosing words like ”HYPOTHETICAL” and using them in sentances releaves you of the stresses in life and you feel superior to the ones around you. Remember,”YOU” are the one who has given the moment to ponder that god is or possibly a alien.’WOW”

  15. 99minerkc

    @bigtimeu2 Actually I have NEVER smoked crack in my life! The fact that you thought of such a thing leads me to think that you likely have and may well still do smoke crack! Now, are you going to answer my original HYPOTHETICAL question or not? It’s really not difficult, I promise!

  16. bigtimeu2

    @99minerkc Like I said before,”YOU MUST BE SMOKING CRACK” and of course I know what ”HYPOTHETICAL” means. ”JESUS CHRIST IS GOD” not a alien…….

  17. 99minerkc

    @bigtimeu2 So me asking you a hypothetical question justifies you making your type of comment? I bet you don’t know what hypothetical means! I can’t be wasting my time with “clowns” like you!

  18. 99minerkc

    @bigtimeu2 And what if you come to the stunning discovery that jesus was in fact an alien as in ET? What will you do, dump your faith?

  19. 99minerkc

    @TheHigherVoltage Well stated comment! I’m stunned at the large number of people caught up in this religious cult dare I say? At any rate, again, thank you for your comment! :-)

  20. bigtimeu2

    You are about the only one and others like yourself that have brains here on youtube..Can you believe that the news,people,especially the scientis are saying and talking about 2012, that aliens are coming,planet X is coming,the boggie man is coming,santa claus is coming….ETC….LOL.The only one that ”WILL” be coming is ”JESUS” someday soon…….

  21. HolyHolcomb

    Thank you pastor Strawcutter for sharing your faith with others on You Tube. Your efforts are appreciated!

  22. kern0099

    Thanks for fetishising your lack of understanding! Hopefully, your intuition tells you that manipulating people who have few priviliges and are willing to sell out their own flesh and blood to maintain this meager allotment is so evil, that talking snakes and marketing cognitive dissonance is particularly noxious in today’s day and age…most likely, it won’t. FAIL. “Easy fascism, sign right up!” You suck for sure.

  23. csosa1978

    OMFG (Oh my fictitious god, this old man is senile. Why is it that always the most brilliant minds show facts about the fairy tales in the Bible, and defending it are always dumb people who only mention 2 or 3 parables.

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