Rise and Sing by (Steve) Fee

This is the song Rise and sing by fee i do not own the song, all rights reserved etc… Lyrics/Chords: Rise and Sing Steve Fee- Hope Rising Key B- Capo 4 Intro/Verse: GC Em D If youre alive and youve been redeemed, rise and sing, rise and sing If youve been touched by the mercy king, rise and sing, rise and sing Pre-Chorus G (Hold) Whoa Verse GC Em D If you were bound and now youre free, rise and sing, rise and sing Lift up a shout of victory, rise and sing, rise and sing G Whoa Chorus G Bm7 Em7 DC Our God is risen and reigning and were elevation the glory of our God and king, C Everybody rise and sing Verse 3 If in your heart rings a melody, rise and sing, rise and sing If you have tasted and you have seen, rise and sing, rise and sing Whoa Bridge: G Bm7 Let the redeemed of the Lord sing hallelujah (Hallelujah) Em7 DDC Let the redeemed of the Lord sing our God reigns (our God reigns) this is a truly awesome song, i’ll hope you agree and i encourage you not only buy the song your self but also listen to some other fee too (Y) ;) Chennai Challenge information: youtube.com www.chennaichallenge.btik.com thankyou and god bless :D if you want to donate money to the team to do the work we are doing out there which involves trying to raise £70000 to rebuild a school out there you can :) easily and securely justgiving.com

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25 thoughts on “Rise and Sing by (Steve) Fee

  1. sackboy457

    just today in my youth group we were singing this in my school and all day i was sing woooooaaaah wooooooooaaah woooooooooaaaah woooooaaaaah and some people sang along!! :D

  2. KlovesMJ4ever

    I love this song it makes me hunger and thirst for Jesus more.when I ‘m in his persence it’s awsome I love Jesus with all my heart soul,mind,strength.

  3. beenjamin98

    If this song doesn’t make you jump and down worshiping then singing like there is nothing to worry about then nothing will!!!!!!:)

  4. beenjamin98

    If this song doesn’t make you? jump up and down with your hands in the air worshiping God then nothing will!!!:)

  5. living4God365

    I love this song sooooo much!!!! I learned it at lift camp and now its stuck in my head forever and i’ll never forget how awsome this song is. Its amazing when you have 25,000 + singing this song and just praising God. There’s nothing like it and i’ll never forget it.

  6. 12262009wed

    Someone may have already posted this by now- lyrics should say “And we’re elevating” instead of “And were elevation”. Thanks for posting this great song!

  7. katara3779

    this song brings back beastly memories from Echo(our church’s 2010 spring retreat) 1 Corinthians 11:1 .. echo CHRIST

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